In my previous post about Windows 7 Win XP virtualized mode I have explained how to setup and run virtualized Notepad++, but I guess you can run almost ANY application virtualized.

You have noticed that you got new menu for Notepad++ under Start->Windows Virtual PC->Virtual Windows XP Applications. But what if you want to run any preinstalled Win XP app, Internet Explorer for example?

We have Virtual Windows XP Application menu like this:


And we'll add some 'custom made' menu with Internet Explorer in it.

Power On your Virtual Windows XP, and right click on Start menu on the task bar.


Click on Explore menu item.


You will get C:\Documents and Settings\User\Start Menu\Programs opened in Windows Explorer. You could browse to C:\Documents and Settings\All user\Start Menu\Programs too.
Then make some new folder and call it 'MyApps' for example.


Now you need to copy your desired shortcut to MyApps folder, in this example it's Internet Explorer 6 shortcut.


Power off your Virtual Windows XP, and check Virtual Windows XP Application menu.


Now we have Internet Explorer right in brand new Windows 7.