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How to make hardware wireless keyloger

clock July 22, 2009 02:28 by author LILkillaBEE

There are various commercial hardware keyloggers from KeeLog (feel free to check their page) but they are releasing their older but still fully functional PS/2 keylogger design as a open source. There is source code for microcontroller too! Check it!



Tip for running application in Windows 7 Win XP mode (Internet Explorer 6)

clock July 14, 2009 23:37 by author LILkillaBEE

In my previous post about Windows 7 Win XP virtualized mode I have explained how to setup and run virtualized Notepad++, but I guess you can run almost ANY application virtualized.

You have noticed that you got new menu for Notepad++ under Start->Windows Virtual PC->Virtual Windows XP Applications. But what if you want to run any preinstalled Win XP app, Internet Explorer for example?


Get your Windows XP apps running via Windows 7 virtualization

clock June 27, 2009 09:53 by author LILkillaBEE



As you probably know there is Win XP mode in new Windows 7 (former virtual xp). You can get it from
You need to download Windows Virtual PC beta and Windows XP Mode Beta.
The installation is easy, and you just need to agree to license agreement and type password for user in your new Virtual Windows XP.

Virtual Windows XP setup process:

Flag Orb Button

clock June 23, 2009 02:53 by author Wudoo2001

Task was to create design for multi language website. I notice that lots of website use fancy flag buttons, and decide to make my own. Ofc can be used as wallpaper or design element.
I will do it in Adobe Photoshop CS4.  We need only simple stuff so it is compatible with older versions…

1. Step.

First of all we need some kind of flag or other element that we want do make as orb…
I will use Croatian flag (OFC) and it is compatible with other ones hehe…
Open image first… File -> Open and then find picture that you want to edit.


Configuring Vista and Windows 7 boot manager (boot menu timeout)

clock June 12, 2009 06:28 by author LILkillaBEE

As I have talked about using Windows 7 as my first operating system for my daily work, now I'm after tweaking boot menu.

In windows xp we have boot.ini so it was pretty easy to modify boot options, but now things are different. Remember that I have dual boot on my work machine, it's Windows Vista and Windows 7. As I had Vista preinstalled on my work laptop, it was primary operating system. After installation of Windows 7 I've got 2 options in the boot menu, one for Windows 7 and one for Windows Vista. By default first option is selected and it waits for 30 seconds to start booting Windows 7. I don't like that 30 second period so I'll tweak it to 5 seconds right now.


Dual boot Windows Vista and Windows 7 RC on developer work laptop

clock June 12, 2009 06:27 by author LILkillaBEE

I'm working as a windows .net developer, software architect or whatever you wanna call it. My primary operating system is Windows Vista, but that could be easily changed in near future. I'm using HP EliteBook 8530p laptop with preinstalled Windows Vista. I have asked my superiors about installing Win XP on machine but I've got no for an answer because the company policy is to use as newer software as we can. I was asking for XP because I didn't liked Vista memory requirements. For a few days I was tweaking Vista services and stuff, uninstalling HP preinstalled utilities and so on. In the end I'm not happy with Vista yet, but it is more pleasant to use than before, maybe I'll blog about it too :)
Few days ago, I've got the incredible idea TM :) , I have asked if I can install Windows 7 on my work EliteBook, this time answer was yes. I am planning to use brand new Windows 7 RC as a first operating system, so the only way I could do that, I must be able to run all my work software on Windows 7. So it means, I need to run at least Microsoft Office 2007, Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Sql Server 2005, Sql Server Reporting Services 2005...

Two nice tutorials talking about going from photoshop design to Web 2.0

clock May 31, 2009 06:38 by author LILkillaBEE

I was searching for some good tutorial on web design because my plan was to design domain and it's subdomains all by myself and good friend of mine.

It turned out that I'm not so good for design (don't have a good idea, at least yet) and my friend didn't have enough time to do it, so we found some nice themes for DotNetNuke and BlogEngine.

In the process of trying and failing with my own design I have found some nice tutorials on photoshop design and slicing it to Web 2.0 design.

So check it out:
How to Create a Clean Web 2.0 Style Web Design in Photoshop
Coding a Clean Web 2.0 Style Web Design from Photoshop

My plan is to maintain a list of good tutorials that I have read and that i find really useful...

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